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“The most violent weapon on earth is the table fork.” Mahatma Gandhi

Why a Vegan diet?                  Towards empathy, compassion, non violence.


All beings on our planet want to be happy.

Humans, animals, chicken, fish, insects…All have a mother, a father and children. All have vibrations and a nervous system. See bellow the FYI.

Lets face it, you are not going to find happiness in a piece of meat? Are you?

Who enjoys cooking a smelly dead animal?



It is easier to find Yoga, Ahimsa, self realisation, non-violence, with a Vegan based Diet.

A Vegan diet is conductive to meditation helps to quiet the mind.

So even if eating fish or eggs can be seen as healthy on a nutritional level, they will not be beneficial on a spiritual point of view. How can you meditate on Oneness, compassion, empathy whilst digesting a dead being?

From personal experience, I find that if I eat cheese once, it feels good. But if I continue over 2 or 3 days I start to feel sad, sluggish, unhappy, anxius, depressed. I find that any input of animal product in the body, even if they can be positively healthy, have a negative effect on my mind. 

This says, one can allow for a little bit of a lea way some time to time to remain socially open and share a pizza or some cheese  when well established in the spiritual practices. 



On a physical level the asana postures become much lighter and easier. When no dairies are taken, you will most probably quickly notice a difference on the skin. One looks “healthy”.

You will also definitely trim and lose extra weight but if fed properly still be able to build muscle and keep the mind sharp and focused. Feeding it through other etheral foods through your Yoga practices, proper breathing, resting the mind with meditations.



Taste wise, once you discover some of the delicious Vegan recipes, the ones made with natural ingredients (not the fake cheeses full of additives), you find them so delicious that you never need to eat a traditional diet as the vegan version is so much tastier while making you feel happier and energised.

See recipes lower.



Lemon juice in warm water (add stevia, agave… if needed)

A Green juice every day. 

Secret of enjoying a green Juice is to add sweetness to the greens.

Take any greens (spinach, zucchinis, cucumbers, salads, top of fennels, carrots, beetroots…parsley), juice them and add a couple of apples, oranges, pineapple, mangoes, bananas.

First make it very sweet then little sweet.


First steps:

If you find it difficult just become vegetarian during the week allowing fish, cheese at weekends.

Try to commit for 5 weeks.

The body and mind have to get used to it. At first you will feel a real need for animal products so you take. Then slowly no need anymore.

Once you see and feel the benefits you do not look back as you feel very aware. But not tight.

When you make a mistake, do not eat after 6pm the next day. These are wise words from Sri Dharma Mittra.


Few tips

When ever possible do wash, soak sprout all your nuts, seeds grains, rice. This is to remove teh layer of Phytic acid that cover nuts and to allow nutirent to get better absorbed, ehnce energising you without making you feel full and heavy.

Do not over eat nuts. More seeds and more fresh vegetables (greens) and fruits.

Limit Salt intake and replace by herbs, amino acids.

Eat sprouted almonds. Soak almonds in water over night then keep in water in refrigerator.

THese with greens will suffice in your protein and calcium intake.

B12 Vitamins are the only one you do not get from Vegan diet but they are present in Braggs Amino acids and Nutritional Yeast that are both delicious and foudn widely in health stores. 

If you need extra motivation develop your empathy by looking at some docos.

What the Health

Cowspiracy on sutainability

For some of my favourite Vegan food web sites

Earth shine South Africa


Or get in touch with me to join/organise a Vegan food event/workshop and to learn inspiring recipes.



On Nervous system:

Sponges are the only multicellular animals without a nervous system. They do not have any nerve cells or sensory cells. However, touch or pressure to the outside of a sponge will cause a local contraction of its body.

Starting a list of “A Yogi does and don’t…”

On Brains:

On chickens:

Chickens are capable of empathy. They are also capable of love, jealousy, selfishness and lust

According to the National Chicken Council, chickens are electronically stunned before they are slaughtered. They do feel pain just not after having been “stunned” to be killed.


 Almond biscuits                 biscuits

•Almond meal + hemp seeds + salt + rosemary + pepper + little water. Mix, roll, flaten in your hand then dehydrate or place in slow oven (50C) until dry.

Dehydrator                  In the dehyrator

•Biscuits-Seeds-Nuts crackers to dry.

After soaking and sprouting your seeds and nuts for a couple of days you can dry them outisde in the sun or in a dehydrator.

•Crackers mix: Blend pre-soaked sunflower seeds + linseeds + pumpkin seeds + Basil + parsley 

with little apple cider vinegar, salt, cayenne pepper. Layer on Miso leaves if you like and dry.